Entrée [served with Thai Jasmine rice]
 E-1. Basil Delight 10.95
Stir fried choice of beef, or chicken with hot pepper, onions and vegetables sautéed in spicy basil sauce.
E-2. Garlic Chicken 10.95
Stir-fried chicken with ground pepper in garlic sauce base with lettuce.
E-3. Pad Khing 10.95
Stir fried choice of beef, or chicken with fresh ginger, mushroom, baby corns and onion sautéed in ginger sauce.
 E-4. Cashew Chicken 9.95
Stir fried tender slice of chicken with cashew nuts, vegetables and chili on special sauce.
E-5. Pacific-Rim Mixed 10.95
Stir fried choice of beef, or chicken with mixed vegetables in special sauce.
 E-6. Pepper Steak 11.95
Stir Fried tender slice beef with bell pepper and onion in special sauce.
E-7. Sweet ‘n Sour 10.95
Stir fried choice of beef, or chicken with pineapple, cucumber, tomato and bell pepper and vegetables in sweet n sour sauce.
E-8. Egg Plant Shrimp 13.95
Shrimp stir fried with fresh egg plant in aromatic oyster sauce.
 E-9. Seafood on Fire 16.95
Stir fried combination seafood with bell pepper, onion, and mushroom in spicy basil sauce.
E-10. Shrimp Peanut 13.95
Sautéed shrimp with peanut sauce, carrot, and green beans.
E-11. Sesame Chicken 10.95
Sautéed chicken in sesame sauce & garnished with sesame seeds.
E-12. Honey B.B.Q Chicken (Thai Style) 10.95
Grilled marinated B.B.Q Chicken over Jasmine rice topped with honey B.B.Q sauce.
 E-13. Marinated Grilled Chicken 13.95
Marinated grilled chicken breast over steamed vegetable served with sweet chili sauce.
 E-14. Spicy Chili Shrimp 15.95
Sautéed tiger shrimps with onion, bell pepper, baby corn, mushroom, and broccoli in chili sauce.
- Beef or Shrimp can be substituted for $2.00 additional charge. -
- Any extra will be charged $1.00. -
  House Special
 H-1. Triple Falvor Fish Market Price
Crispy whole red snapper topped with house triple flavors sauce.
H-2. Crispy Duck 16.95
Deep fried boneless roast duck and vegetable served with house special sauce.
 H-3. Roast Duck Curry 16.95
Roast duck, bamboo shoots and fresh basil in red curry sauce.
H-4. Shrimp Claypot 16.95
Shrimp, crystal noodle, fresh ginger and fine herbs steamed with vegetable in special sauce served in claypot.
H-5. Mussels Claypot 14.95
Half shell mussel steamed with fresh basil and lemon grass served with house spicy sauce.
 H-6. Treasure of Siam 16.95
Assorted seafood sautéed with fresh basil in house chili sauce.
 H-7. Shuu-Chee Shrimp 17.95
Shrimp and red snapper filet cooked with red curry and kafir leaves and bedded with steamed vegetables.
H-8. Chicken Volcano 15.95
Deep-fried chicken breast, sliced and topped with tamarind sauce served flambee style.
 H-9. Pad Ped Soft Shell Crab 20.95
Soft shell crab, lightly battered and deep fried, topped with spicy pepper sauce.
 H-10. Grilled Salmon Panang 17.95
Steamed filet red snapper topped with sauce and based with herb rice.
H-11. Summering Seafood 17.95
Grilled shrimps and scallops based with crab meat fried rice.
 H-12. GLP Chicken & Shrimp 17.95
Our famous combination grilled marinated chicken breast & shrimp in spicy garlic, lime and pepper based with special fried rice and fresh vegetable.
 Mild: Warming up  Medium : Alive  Hot : Burn  Thai Hot : Suicide Hot